Un/stable school
Concours international "School of Arts in Shoreditch"


SU : 2500 m2
DATE : 2015

What is our relation with arts?

The mantle of the school of arts is a facade, which aims to give an exterior expression of the purpose of the building. The reinterpreted neo-renaissance design is like a pop-up card of the tower of Pisa which will be opening soon. As a souvenir of the traditional art of perspective, the fold is answering the question of the limit of our perception. Furthermore, the mantle is to build with bricks, which leaves a particular pattern. The regular holes create different shapes of shadows inside the building by day and become a light filter the night which electrical lights.

So how does it stand up?

The balance of the building is interesting: how can it exist with such an archetype structure? The other thing is a temporary space inside of the building: simply with curtains help to maintain the cool air inside, it is like luminous vaults to enhance the work of students. It could be a change in the future with the different functions of the building. The structure is a simple and regular post and beam steel structure with composite concrete/steel floors to enable to a partition wall. They are all translucent.

How can art students be part of the area?

The whole organisation of the space in the school is around the four laboratories. They are in the upper floors, with sightseeing on the area (especially towards Shoreditch Park), with proximity and distance between each room. Exterior spaces are spread in every laboratory to enjoy recreational time and space for expansion in future. Functional spaces inside are mixed: laboratories, classrooms, and offices. Space is optimised in the building which allows users move freely inside the laboratories and stay in contact with all that is going on. This hopefully improves student consciousness as they can change their point of view.


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